“He Ended The Show To A Well Deserved
Standing Ovation!”

– Campus Times

Your idea of a magic show is about to change…. It has been said “Dan Sperry puts the ‘ick’ in Trick!” by the New York Daily News and “Sperry keeps the audience in stitches with his crazy, manic brand of humor!” by BroadwayWorld.com. Dan Sperry’s live show is a high-energy roller coaster ride of shock illusion- like you’ve never seen before. Stunning set pieces, a heart pounding soundtrack, high tech lighting and special effects all combine to make this a touring production that puts the magic live, raw, and in your face.


Dan Sperry is considered the most original and ground-breaking magician of this generation.  His one-of-a-kind approach and twisted style provokes shock and unsettling awe as his audiences are left in disbelief by his never before seen illusions.  His performances are unlike anything ever experienced as he brings you to the edge of your seat where you don’t just watch the show but also become part of the show.  Aided by large projection screens and a live video camera Sperry not only spins a web of the unimaginable on stage but also all around you by coming into the theatre and demonstrating jarring sleight of hand within inches of his live audiences.  All this put together with unexpected and hilarious audience interaction both on stage and beyond create the true highlights of the show where you never know what might happen next.

“Sperry Maintains A Demeanor Throughout The Show That Has Audiences Laughing And Shuddering In Equal Measure…”
– The West Australian News, Perth

From his award-winning Off-Broadway show to sold-out arena tours, night clubs, theatres, and television Dan Sperry leaves a trail of dedicated fans in his path resulting in not only viral social media support but recognition and accolades from his peers and critics alike.  His performances have gained him exclusive honors such as his Broadway show being named “Best of Manhattan” two times and is the only magician to be given a Merlin award as “Most Cutting Edge Magician” not once but TWICE as well as the only magician to be awarded “Most Original Magic” by The World Magic Awards.


“Prepare to be visually stunned, mentally perplexed,
and physically shaken…”

– City Guide Magazine, NYC

The only true way of experiencing his theatrical and awe-inspiring performances is to witness it LIVE – go to the TOUR page to see all upcoming dates and get your tickets NOW.  You can try to explain to others what you are about to experience…but they’ll never believe you.  This is the magic show of Shock Illusionist Dan Sperry, the Anti-Conjuror and as you will soon see: Magic No Longer Sucks.

“Sperry Adds A Sense Of The Macabre To An Otherwise Straight-Laced Form Of Entertainment.”
– The Reporter Herald

“A Rocky Horror meets magic brand of illusion complete with audience participation and comedy…”
– Where Magazine