Throughout his successes one thing in Dan Sperry’s career has remained the same: the dedication and support of his fans. His online and social media fan base has grown from a mere few hundred at the launch of his career to hundreds of thousands of followers spanning the world with fans from almost every country.


They are passionate, driven, protective, incredibly supportive, and above everything: a family. They socialize via the Internet and in person in pre-planned meetings. They’ve coined trends and hash tags on Twitter, created numerous groups and pages in Facebook, and more to share support, stories, and experiences. They even go so far as to get logos, images, and quotes by Dan Sperry tattooed on their bodies and create the most amazing fan art and gifts. They drive and fly hours to see a live performance by Dan and await his announcements in each city where they can all join and meet him for Coffee.

There are hundreds of thousands of them world-wide. They blindly follow. They whole hearted perpetuate the Dan Sperry brand. And they do this with proud dedication and without apology.



“We are clearly a family of misfits that perpetuate a no f*%@s given approach to magic tricks and its art form all set to the tune of “SORRY NOT SORRY”. It is fun to stir the nest because honey tastes sweeter when the bees are angry and we do it with a big blood stained teeth grin and a playful wink to each other. We are the lost boys, we are project mayhem, we are an ever sincerely though hardly seriously army set on world domination and a force to be reckoned with.
Without apology.”