“The HOTTEST ACT Since David Blaine or Criss Angel”
– Chicago Sun Times –

Shock Illusionist Dan Sperry : The Anti-Conjuror is hailed as the most popular and in-demand illusionist of this generation. As a result of his jaw-dropping performances on multiple record-breaking international tours, numerous network television appearances, and some of the most underground viral videos to ever plague the Internet, his legion of hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans span all ages and demographics.

Combining the art of magic with the macabre, his totally unique and edgy illusions initially capture the imagination of crowds across the globe. But it is his unhinged, shockingly eccentric humor and audience interaction that makes his live show a truly unique experience that has been dubbed, “Totally icky, yet totally awesome”, “…Left me laughing to tears. The cynical Alice Cooper of Magic”, and one that “Has audiences laughing and shuddering in equal measure”.

From starring in the best-selling magic show in Broadway history The Illusionists, sky-rocketing ratings on America’s Got Talent, Germany’s hit series Das SuperTalent, FOX’s World Magic Awards, and TLC’s Cake Boss, to selling out countless performance venues around the world, Dan Sperry presents a magic show for people who love magic shows but an even better show for people who hate magic shows. The Anti-Conjuror is not for the faint hearted: Magic No Longer Sucks.

some dan sperry awards
Dan Sperry’s VIRAL Appearance : Penn & Teller’s FOOL US

“By far my favorite. His macabre magic coupled with his Bobcat
Goldthwaite-esque voice and mannerisms left me laughing to tears. He is like the cynical Alice Cooper of magic”

“Totally icky, yet totally awesome at the same time”
– Broadway World –

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“Has audiences laughing and shuddering in equal measure”
– The West Australian News –

“The biggest trick up Mr. Sperry’s sleeve was his humor”
– Stagelight Magazine –

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“Literally hair-raising”
– Toronto star –

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“Dan Sperry thrilled the audience and is definitely a hit”
– Las Vegas Strip Magazine –

“Sperry garnered a tumultuous response and displayed impressive comic flair”
– Hollywood Reporter –

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“He is sure to amaze as he scares the living daylights out of you”
– Times Square Chronicles –

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“Prepare to be visually stunned, mentally perplexed, and physically shaken”
– City Guide Magazine –

– Chicago Daily Herald –

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“A social media phenomenon with his viral videos and success”
– Robin Leach / Las Vegas Sun –

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“David Copperfield meets Marilyn Manson”
– FOX –