“He Ended The Show To A Well Deserved
Standing Ovation!”

– Campus Times

Your idea of a magic show is about to change…. It has been called “Utterly hair-raising,” by the Toronto star and “A WILD ride,” by MAGIC magazine. Dan Sperry’s live show is a high-energy roller coaster ride of shock illusion- like you’ve never seen before. Stunning set pieces, a heart pounding soundtrack, high tech lighting and special effects all combine to make this a touring production that puts the magic live, raw, and in your face.

Guests can expect to see ghosts and other phenomenon as an urban legend is confronted when Dan beckons the paranormal causing furniture to float unexplainably in the air, Bloody Mary materializing from an antique mirror, Dan giving his autograph to an audience member in a unique way- by cutting off their arm and tattooing his signature on it before putting it back on and Dan being locked inside of a maniacal machine of execution with an ascending 13-foot spinning saw blade that tears him in half. But wait….there’s more!

“Sperry Maintains A Demeanor Throughout The Show That Has Audiences Laughing And Shuddering In Equal Measure…”
– The West Australian News, Perth

The audience is then transported to an eerie landscape of dead trees and scarecrows- like a scene from a Tim Burton film. Dan stands alone and creates life from his bare hands as birds materialize, vanish and transform in ways you could never imagine, a hair-raising chill overcomes the audience as they seem to have suddenly entered a dilapidated butcher warehouse. With the flip of a switch Dan powers up an enormous carcass grinder used to devour full sides of beef – before visually passing through the spinning blades – will he make it out alive?

“Prepare to be visually stunned, mentally perplexed,
and physically shaken…”

– City Guide Magazine, NYC

Audience members will get a chance to participate up close and personal with some of Dan’s signature one-on-one demonstrations including teaching guests his fun at-home version of Russian roulette with a broken bottle- where an audience member risks their bare hands as they try to avoid a run to the hospital with the crowd on the edge of their seat. The help of a volunteer is enlisted in a test of supernatural forces in the form of a Voodoo ceremony. As tears of blood stream from Dan’s eyes, the audience member then succumbs to a trance before hypodermic needles are placed into his/her arms without any loss of blood, like a human Voodoo doll. The suspense comes to a hilarious climax when the voulnteer and an actual Voodoo doll become one to feel the power of Voodoo.

You can look forward to the classic routines that made Dan infamously viral over the internet! He performs his gut wrenching Razor Blade swallowing illusion – this is one you DO NOT want to try at home – with a trip down memory lane to his childhood and favorite holiday, Halloween. The story of a neighborhood mischief maker, who handed out apples with razor blades hidden in them, leads into Dan’s stomach-churning live rendition. He places razorblades into his mouth and mysteriously threads them together without as much as a scratch. The audience will also witness a lighthearted adventure that finds Dan cutting off his tongue and interacting with it as if it were a small pet all the while it dances up and down both his arms and that of an audience member at his command to the tune of Harry Belafonte. Of course Dan’s performance would not be complete without his Lifesaver illusion that propelled his career after appearing on America’s Got Talent: you saw him freak out Howie Mandel – now it’s YOUR turn!

“Sperry Adds A Sense Of The Macabre To An Otherwise Straight-Laced Form Of Entertainment.”
– The Reporter Herald

All this and more happens LIVE on stage every night in Dan’s touring production. You have seen magic shows before but you’ve never seen anything like this. No glitter. No tigers. No flashy assistants. And definitely no stupid card tricks. This is not a rebirth, it’s a revolution; what you will see is performed live for real people and not created in a Hollywood editing room.

In the case of Dan Sperry: Magic No Longer Sucks.

“A Rocky Horror meets magic brand of illusion complete with audience participation and comedy…”
– Where Magazine